Mining the treasure trove of lost reviews from the past two weeks – DAMN! Where the hell has the time gone? – I have seemingly found myself so far behind I feel like I’ve already lapped myself twice.  So in the spirit of catching up my “blogging” (which sometimes makes me think I will inevitably go blind for it), part one of Brother Lou’s Washington State bonanza with wines from Precept Brands:

Fish House Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley 2010.  Grade=Outstanding.  A crisp, bright, generously citrus SB with loads of lemon zest, Key lime, guava and grapefruit.

House White Chardonnay Columbia Valley 2010.  Grade=Outstanding.  With Roussanne, Gewurtztraminer and Viognier blended in, this extremely aromatic and quite dense Chardonnay is a lot of fun, and quite different from the norm.  Splashes of lychee, peach and honeysuckle in the nose couple nicely with its Golden apple, pear and pineapple flavors.

House Red Wine Columbia Valley 2009.  Grade=Outstanding.  Cab, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah and Petit Verdot make up this ever dependable red blend.  Solid grip, juicy fruits, spices, chocolate and earth give you a great value.

Steak House Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2009.  Grade=Outstanding.  A rock solid Cabernet, hitting all the right notes.  Medium tannins give the juicy black cherry and blackberry fruit a place from which to sing.

Originals Merlot Columbia Valley 2007. Grade=Outstanding.  I have been spoiled as of late by the power of Washington State Merlot, so when I was met with a rather light-display from this one, I was taken aback.  It’s a solid effort, with dark plum and cherry notes, a hint of spice and cedar, yet I was hoping for more.

Originals Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2007.  Grade=Outstanding.  Here we go, much more than I expected here.  A fleshy, black-fruited number with expressive blackberry, black currant and cherry notes resounding in a mash-up of Bordeaux and California influences and a clearly Washington State personae.

Originals Syrah Columbia Valley 2008.  Grade=Outstanding+.  Rich, layered and jammy with exuberant blueberry, sassafrass, rhubarb tart and bacon chocolate notes.  Nice tannins.  Solid body.  Luscious finish.

Originals Riesling Columbia Valley 2009.  Grade=Outstanding.  With just the right amount of sweetness, this juicy Rainier cherry, white peach and mint-infused white is an ideal pairing for take home Thai.

Confectioners Sweet Chardonnay Washington State NV.  Grade=Average.  The sweet wine fad is really wearing on me.  It’s the next big thing they keep telling me, yet I guess this is one of those times my cynicism bleeds through like the next Freddy Krueger victim.  It’s sweet, it’s a white wine.  “Nuff said.

Confectioners Sweet Symphony Red Washington State NV.  Grade=Outstanding.  Okay, maybe I am warming up to the sweet wines – if only the red ones.  Still this one is simplistic with an almost black cherry cobbler-like undertone.  Just a swig of this and I feel the need to brush my teeth for an hour.

Confectioners Chocolate Red Washington State NV.  Grade=Outstanding.  Chocolate cherry Tootsie roll.  That was what Shannon bandied about after I tasted it.  Yep.  Dead on.

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