We had a big opening day in the Studio yesterday, as Very Barry dropped in to go over the goings-on at Toast of Kentucky.  Some very cool new wines have been added to the lineup.

Seven Hills Riesling Columbia Valley 2010.  Grade=Outstanding.  A wonderfully lush and evocative white wine, full of white peach, lime and apricot aromas and flavors.  Round and fleshy throughout.

Fair Trade Wine Co. Chardonnay Robertson 2011.  Grade=Above Average.  A lean, very unChardonnay-like Chardonnay, with hints of lime, verbena and straw amidst touches of guava, quince, green apple and chalk.  I quite like this.

Pico Maccario Dolcevita Moscato d’Asti  2009.  Grade=Outstanding.  Beautifully made Moscato, fizzy with white flowers in the nose and peach, apricot and melon on the palate.  Finishes with well-balanced acidity.

Rietvallei John B Cabernet Sauvignon/Tinta Barroca Robertson 2009.  Grade=Above Average.  The Tinta Barroca seems to lend a major chocolate-bacon element to this red.  It’s beefy and meaty, with dark fruits, tobacco, earth and game.  A bold wine for a value price.

Fair Trade Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz Robertson 2011.  Grade=Above Average.  I feel really premature here, given the age (or underage) of this wine; this youngster is just full of underdeveloped fruit.  Bright cherries, blueberries and even a touch of pomegranate in here, it’s good, but I think if you give it some time, it will get even better.

Fair Trade Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon Robertson 2011.  Grade=Above Average.  Again, premature.  This toddler has a touch of spritziness it is so young.  Zesty, red-fruited tweener that has yet to show its true potential.

Rietvallei Cabernet Sauvignon Robertson 2009.  Grade=Outstanding.  Impressive with its black cherry, blackberry and charcoal nuances, showing solid grip with smooth, fleshy tannins.  Robust and very full-bodied, this voluptuous Cab is a helluva value.

Rietvallei Shiraz Special Select Robertson 2006.  Grade=Outstanding+.  Sexy in its provocative delivery of blueberry pie, brown spice, rhubarb and sassafrass notes.  Lusty with an-almost fortified element on the palate.  It’s jammy, juicy and generous in its fruit bombast.

Stella Grey Red Wine Napa Valley 2009.  Grade=Outstanding+.  A 7-grape jam session that resonates with blackberry pie, baking spices, cedar, graphite, sage and toasted oak.  Sweetly displaying its dark fruit character, this is a crowdpleaser, through and through.

Seven Hills Merlot Walla Walla Valley 2009.  Grade=Amazing.  The Sofia Vergara of Washington State Merlot – it is sultry, exotic, and screaming bad ass sex appeal.  This gorgeous slice of Black Forest cake, served up with a creamy mochachino, is a Merlot done so right.  After a glass of this, it’ll be nap time.

Logan Cabernet/Merlot Orange 2007.  Grade=Outstanding.  Quite unique with all its cinnamon, nutmeg and blood orange aromas.  Would have thought the flavor profile would be quite vegetal, but instead, it’s a fleshy, fresh-fruited display of cherries, pomegranates, blueberries and dark plums, peppered with baking spices and slightly toasted oak.  Very nice.

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