The countdowns begin.  Most importantly, Election Day is only days away.  To a lesser extent, the Wine Spectator Top 100 is coming.  And closer to home, my own Top 50 (or maybe more) is due next week (Holy Irrelevant Batman!).

Yet this past week has been met with some difficulties.  There have been some changes happening at The Party Source, ones I wish could have been avoided but sadly, some things do come to an end.  DJ Big Thirst is headed to Louisville soon, and VVI left two weeks ago to head up a wine bar across the river, while Dr. J. is moving on to Lord-Only-Knows.  I feel pretty lousy about these departures, particularly DJ Big Thirst, who has been nothing but cool to me since I arrived, and Dr. J., who I had a lot of respect for early on.  I really don’t know what to say other than I wish we could’ve had more time to work together; I think things could have been really great.

Another disappointment was a former coworker had been given a huge opportunity to join our team, but she decided to remain where she currently is.  A comrade-in-arms who seemingly drank the Kool-Aid and decided to stay put – I get it.  I was in her shoes many times over.  I stayed when I should have been running, screaming, in the other direction.  It took an utter collapse of faith on my part and betrayal on theirs to realize all I was doing was digging myself an early grave.  I only hope she averts a similar fate.

And of course, the grand finale of it all was being told by my boss she had received a very strange voice mail message (which she unfortunately deleted) from a supposed group of investors from the West Coast, dismayed by TPS’s recent hiring of me.  Seems they had a lot to say about my political rantings, which I try to stay away from on my blog, yet on my personal Facebook page, tend to vent frustrations as many of us do, being the so-called, affectionately dubbed “libtard” that I am.  Seems my FB rants drew a few detractors, and these detractors have called my professional integrity and that of my bosses’ into question.

Look, politics have no business in the wine business.  The wine business is about serving the people.  To exclude one group of people based upon their political beliefs is not good business.  If asked, I would do a wine tasting or seminar for any GOP committee without hesitation, and my politics would be left at the door, because I am a professional.  In all seriousness, while it is funny that – and if this wasn’t just one of my batshit crazy friends having a laugh at my expense – these individuals would actually give a crap what I – Kevin M. Keith, King Neurotic – had to say about Governor Romney or any other member of the Grand Old Party, it is really sad that they would go after my occupation.  Granted, being a wine blogger, I guess I am only asking to be something of a target, yet again, I am just a local wine blogger that may have a few folks from elsewhere read what I have to say, I just don’t think that what I say on Facebook, on my personal page, really matters all that much, other than the ravings of a frustrated man who actually loves his country and hates what is going on in it right now.  And what I say isn’t nearly as bad as some of the shit out there.  Seriously.

Wine Reviewed: 27

Wine of the Weeks: 2 from DeMorgenzon.

Good news in the wine biz: Mother Nature seemed kind to California this year

Bad news in the wine bizSeriously?

Disturbing news in the wine biz: Here we go again… wine in a can.  And why can’t we just let sleeping dogs lie?

On the homefront: It has been a rough transition at home as well.  I have been an albatross financially, as a blown up car, a ceiling poised to cave in and a dead furnace, I am at my wit’s end.  I am ready to sell ad space on my car as well as offer up my skin as ad space.  I am entertaining the idea of delivering pizzas at night, and if anyone has the number for a clinic that takes man gravy donations, please email me right away (although the idea of a bunch of short, pudgy, neurotic Stephen King wannabes let loose in this world is more than a bit disturbing).

I have no idea what lies ahead, yet I know that come next year, I need to seriously figure out a way to be a little bit more profitable.

What is on my playlist?: Jack White, David Bowie, ZZ Top.

What wine(s) is (are) impressing me right now at the store?: Bruno Giacosa Nebbiolo d’Alba, Baumard Sauvennieres 2008, d’Arenberg The Custodian Grenache.

Recommended reads, blog or otherwise:  STILL reading up on Champagne and Burgundy.

What’s on tap for this week?:  a visit from Kentucky’s own Baker-Bird Winery, some Guild wines, and the continuing changes at TPS.

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