Day three, and the conclusion of the Great Oak Experiment, and let’s see where the wines are now:

Wild Horse Chardonnay Unbridled 2008.  Grade=Okay.  Like Leviathan rising from the deep, there is actually some signs of fruit emerging from all those aromas of mustard seed and Movie Butter popcorn.  Honeyed apples and slight tangerine notes are somewhat wraithlike but present nonetheless.  You’d have to be a world class clairvoyant to see it though.

Wild Horse Pinot Noir Cheval Sauvage 2007.  Grade=Very Good.  It’s fading a bit, taking on a freshly-cooked tomato sauce, with the presence of basil and oregano.  It’s more savory now, losing its cherry pie elements with a slightly herbal oak phantasmal component lingering throughout its saline finish.

Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon Stylus 2005.  Grade=Very Good.  This black fruited monster is transforming into a roasted meat behemoth with its roasted beef, mushroom duxelle and lamb stew.  The blackberry compote seems to have grown a big ol’ beard.  Still pretty impressive.

In the end, the reputations of Wild Horse (somewhat) and Franciscan (moreso) for being oakmongers is a somewhat yes/no dichotomy.  With Franciscan, the heavy hands of oak give a kind-of Sofia Vergara-mating-with-Treebeard-from-LOTR vibe, while Wild Horse has a bit of Timothy-Leary-battles-Steve-Buscemi-from-Fargo-to-the-death element with mixed results (yeah on the Cheval Sauvage, nay on the Unbridled).

More hijinx to come.

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