Recently, Tom Wark posted on his renowned Fermentation blog a little something about the latest wine and spirits shenanigans in my own state of Kentucky.  The shenanigans in question pertains to wine being sold (or not) in grocery stores.  It’s funny that as half-cocked as I have gone off on a smorgasbord of different subjects over the years, I am extremely reluctant to say anything either way on this particular subject.

I work for a major wine retailer in the state.  And my complete and undivided loyalty is with my employer.  Yet I grew up in Ohio, which from my work is just a really long swim across the river into downtown Cincinnati, and in Ohio, you can by wine at any grocery store.  There are dozens of mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar wine shops in direct competition with these grocers, and everyone gets along fine.  There isn’t the mad rush of tweeners storming the groceries there for a bottle of Yellow Tail.

I see it all as more opportunity for competition.  And more opportunity to kick the competition’s ass on a daily basis.  Regardless of how I feel, I am and will always be on the side of my boss – I am a loyal employee, and I mean that sincerely.  And that’s all I have to say on that subject.

Wine Reviewed: 40 + 5 beers.

Wine of the Weeks: Kuleto Native Son 2009.

Good news in the wine biz: Good news for Antonio Galloni…

Bad news in the wine biz:  Tough break for Wine Advocate

Disturbing news in the wine biz: Thanks for that bottle of White Zinfandel, Ishka Bibble

On the homefront: I am travelling a bit over the next couple of weeks, much more than I normally do – which is almost never.  Given my circumstances at home, travelling presents a lot of challenges.  Cooking multiple meals for the wife.  Getting the cat boxes prepped so she won’t have to clean them that much.  Having her pills together.  Prepping multiple beverage cups.  She doesn’t get around very well, yet I am also paranoid and worrysome when it comes to my wife.

She would tell me I need to take a valium.

So I am headed to New Orleans this week.  And I am hoping to make it to Philadelphia in two weeks, but we’ll see.

What is on my playlist?: Radiohead, Alabama Shakes, Soundgarden, R. L. Burnside

What wine(s) is (are) impressing me right now at the store?: Some Young Punks The Squid’s Fist 2011, Oak Valley Chardonnay Elgin 2011.

Recommended reads, blog or otherwise:  David Foster Wallace’s OBLIVION.

What’s on tap for this week?:  Wines from Raymond, a visit to De Wet’s Toast of Kentucky warehouse in Paris, KY, a smorgasbord of international wines, a review of Terry Thiese’s new movie, and a road trip to one of my favorite places of all time, New Orleans.

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