Catching up on things, as I stare my final day of vacation in the face, I commented Thursday on L’Ecole winemaker Martin Clubb as being partners in both Leonetti Cellar and Pepper Bridge Winery.  WRONG!  Jamie from L’Ecole corrected me in that he is partnered with the aforementioned wineries in the operation of the Seven Hills Vineyard site. 

Been looking at Twitter and Facebook for signs of fatigue my blogging brethren out at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Walla Walla and it would appear that they have partied hard, drank a lot of great wine, and are dreading their plane rides home (nothing like flying with a hangover).  Hopefully a good time was had by all and we get to hear about it on their various blogs (including local reps Michelle and Kevin from My Wine Education and Tim from Cheap Wine Ratings).

I have been getting secret texts and emails from all of my reps hitting me with all the End-of-Month (hereby referred to as EOM) deals I can stand.  When I get back in on Monday, I am going to have to hit the ground running (ain’t that always how it is after a vacation?).  These EOM deals are very important, due to the highly-competitive nature of this area (Northern Kentucky).

Sadly, I wish I could remain as one with all my cats as I have this week.  Adapted some pretty bad habits this week – slept way too much, ate way too much, and got virtually nothing accomplished.  I’d say my vacation was a success, don’t you?

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